The Band

The Parlophonics is an alternative rock band making brilliant Power pop/rock despite having never been in the same room with each other. If anything, distance has only added grace and intention to the band’s sound, which is based in the classic British pop and rock of the 60s and 70s. Band members are songwriter Robert Horvath (Guitars, Bass), Fernando Perdomo (Guitars, Drums), and Hugh Macdonald (Leadvocals) are on track to release their debut album A Day in The Life in 2021. It’s a wonderful set of melodic original songs that was tracked remotely during the pandemic lockdown by sending files to each other online. 

Robert Horvath was inspired by the seclusion of the pandemic to record and finally release some of the songs he’s been writing his entire life. He enlisted Fernando Perdomo (Jakob Dylan, Carmine Appice) and Hugh Macdonald (Fairhazel) for the project and the three musicians developed a long-distance chemistry that lights up everything they play. The band has been compared favorably to The Beatles, Oasis, and Paul Weller but is far too nuanced and unique to be described in such simple terms. A Day in The Life is going to attract a global audience to this international group and deservedly so. Fans of superbly written pop/rock with indelible hooks and classic DNA need to discover The Parlophonics at once. You don’t know it yet but they’re your new favorite band. 

Robert Horvath
Dresden, GER

Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Fernando Perdomo
North Hollywood, CA
Drums, Guitars, Vocals

Hugh Macdonald
Brighton, UK

Hugh Mcdonald
Lead Vocals, Keys, Acoustics