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It’s simply astonishing how these three musicians managed to release a masterful ten-track album without even meeting each other. I guess the pandemic was more of a gift in disguise for The Parlophonics, rather than a curse, and they’ve made one banger of an album! ‘A Day In The Life’ features a lot of familiar pop/rock elements from the last few decades and the band’s modern touch on the genres make the songs a pleasure to listen to. I hope someday, the three artists get to jam together in the same room and create more amazing music for their fans!

Sinusoidal Music

Physical Release by Nov 12th

Our CDs are currently being printed here in Germany. They will be slightly different from our digital release. Re-mastered by Audio Animals and a new slightly different cover – still with my most favorite Parlophonics cover girl.

Album review by York Calling

We have received a wonderful album review by Jane Howkins of York Calling. Thank you a lot Jane for taking the time.

The Parlophonics are an alternative rock band with some power pop elements to their music – they’ve recently released an album called A Day In The Life. What I found particularly impressive about this is that the band have never actually been together in the same room, which makes the sound of the record even more impressive!

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Album review by Music Is To Blame

Great news from Music Is To Blame as well. Thank you a lot Alannah Williams for this great review.

‘A Day in the Life’ feels like an incredibly familiar album. It’s happy upbeat melodies bouncing off the walls of our memories. It draws its inspiration from some of Britain’s greatest artists throughout the years, all the way from The Beatles to Oasis. Despite this, the album still manages to bring a lot of freshness to a more than familiar sound. 

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